Our Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing Strategy

We follow various marketing strategy for our craft business, we sell our handmade goods through a physical store or craft fairs, or prefer virtual storefronts offered by our Website, these strategy will help grow our business in a cost-effective way.

Advertising on FacebookFacebook Ads helps us to create marketing campaigns that send traffic to our website, we have a official Facebook page where we promote our product with via our website blog .We build custom audiences of people who visited your website or blog, who engaged with your Facebook activity .Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platform and provide great opportunities to new business to grow, thus one of the best way to market your business. We often post our various product in our Facebook marketplace also .



Market Research for Bamboo Crafts Making Business : It is significant to understand the exact requirement for the different products. Generally, the local demands are based on the different tastes of the local people. So, it is significant to identify the products which already have demand. Additionally, check the cost of those products. These all will aid you in determining the price of your things.


 Exhibition Product Selling

Exhibitions offer great opportunities to meet prospective customers and market your products and services. But they are hard work, and may not lead to instant results. We often promote our business using this method ,every year we organized exhibition in different place to promote our business.


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